Microcomputer Systems, Inc.
...providing products and services since 1976
Microcomputer Systems, Inc., located in Baton Rouge, LA, was established in 1976 for the design and fabrication of state-of-the-art embedded computer systems. The personnel of our company are highly trained individuals who specialize in microcomputer hardware and software design. Our engineering personnel are well qualified having degrees ranging from the BS to the PhD with years of practical experience in the industrial (real world) environment.

Our products offer embedded monitoring/control and special functions for interfacing applications in the automotive, aviation, petrochemical, robotic and power industries. We offer our cards as well as those of others for satisfying your most difficult application requirements. We are distributors for several major manufacturers of PC/104 and single board computer (SBC), panel PC's, embedded systems and computer chassis products.

Recent developments include cards used in avionics for single- and multiple-engine aircraft, robots developed by JPL of NASA, GPS units for navigation, wireless network modules with integrated analog and digital data sampling, designs for CNC machine control, as well as embedded microcontroller designs for electric car chargers, for airborne environmental pesticide spraying, diesel engine control, and antenna guidance controllers in modern missile systems.

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